“Watch Out, Whales About”

National Dolphin and Whale Watching Guidelines

Dolphins and whales are protected under the Australian Government’s Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act 1999. see more information

Sea of whale tails

Sea of whale tails

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A weekend of Whales

Even if the weather is average we have sighted over 8 whales passing the amazing cliffs, Point Perpenducular at Jervis Bay NSW. The next few weeks we will see hundreds of whales pass this iconic landmark heading to warmer water to mate and give birth to more whales, to then start the southern migration.


The Jervis Bay Whale Festival and marine mammal research ran a WHALE & DOLPHIN WORKSHOP for those that would like to become a citizen scientist volunteer to help contribute to marine mammal research and learn about the migrating humpback and southern right whales and the resident pod of bottlenose dolphins that live within Jervis Bay and pass the east coast of Australia.

2013 Sea of whale Tails

The whale spotting season has started off early on the south coast with sightings starting mid April to May with over a dozen or more Whale have passing The Ruined Lighthouse to Point Perpendicular Lighthouse at Jervis Bay.

You can contribute your sightings and photos to assist with research and help Identify the whales as they pass the east coast of Australia. email to: sightings@marinemammalresearch.com

The Jervis Bay Whale Festival “Sea of Whale Tails” at World Environment Day and World Ocean Day was a great success with hundreds of whale tails from the local community and schools.